Light and Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes










Light and Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes/ Flapjacks


This is such a simple, easy and extremely healthy recipe. It is also a neat chemistry demonstration! The sour dough (acid) and the bicarbonate of soda (base) react and produce bubbles, which make the pancakes light and fluffy.


½ cup (120ml) coarsely ground organic oats (I keep mine in the fridge or freezer)

½ cup (120ml) kefir

1 pasture raised egg

¼ tsp (1ml) high quality salt

¼ tsp (1ml) baking soda (bicarbonate of soda/ “koeksoda”)


2-3 Tbs (30-45ml) organic Coconut Oil for cooking


Step 1:

Mix the oats and kefir together in a glass container. Cover and leave on the kitchen counter for 24 hours.

Coarsely Ground Organic Oats

Coarsely Ground Organic Oats













Mixture of Oats and Kefir, ready to be covered and fermented.

Mixture of Oats and Kefir, ready to be covered and fermented.













Step 2:

Spray a big pan with non-stick spray.

Heat 2 Tablespoons of organic Coconut Oil until hot.

In the meantime, add the egg, salt and baking soda to the soaked oats and mix thoroughly.

Drop spoonfuls of batter into the hot pan.

Bubbles will start to break through almost immediately.

Flip over as soon as edges start to appear ‘dry’ or cooked.

Cook for a minute on other side.

Remove from pan and serve with eggs for a balanced breakfast. We also enjoy this with a small glass of kefir (with small amount of ground flax seeds and some maple syrup).

It also tastes great cooled down.


Note: You might need to increase or decrease the amount of oats by a teaspoon or so, depending on the type of oats you are using.


Makes 12