Back to the Future Cooking is all about eating Life-giving Food. This is food that has been grown, produced and prepared in a way that makes it highly nutritious, easily digestible and easily available to our bodies.
Many people, including Dr Weston Price, have observed the amazing level of health enjoyed by isolated, primitive people groups. Although each group has their own unique diet, they all share certain similarities:

  1. They all eat food that has been produced locally, in a traditional natural way.
  2. Their food has not been refined in any way.
  3. They soak their whole grains and legumes before cooking it.
  4. They consume protein and fat from animal origin, including organ meats, from wild or pasture raised animals.

I believe it is time to go back to more traditional ways to grow, raise and prepare our food, so that we and our children can have a long, healthy life.


4 Responses to Home

  • Baie mooi Estelle!

  • All looks delicious!!!! Well done for yummy, mouth-watering pictures. Recipes all nicely laid out and easy to follow. Going to try the meatball one first and the brownies.

  • Baie dankie vir die waardevolle inligting.Ek hoop daar gaan nog in die toekoms kom.grote,Ben

  • I enjoyed today’s seminar, and the food were so good. Thanks Estelle. I wonder can we perhaps get that cheese cake recipe as well?

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